Welcome to Bare Canvas!

We aim to bring a more creative, individual and ethical approach to the clothing industry. For those of you who like things a little different we like to provide an alternative to standard high street fashion.

My name is Clare, I am co-owner and the bleach artist behind Bare Canvas. Our business started in 2015 firstly as a small clothing stall at music festivals and Christmas markets across the UK. The shop later developed into being fully online.

Having a background in fine art, fashion and retail it was important for me to bring artwork and creativity into the clothing we would be selling. I’d wanted to produce artwork on clothing for some time and had tried drawing on clothing in possibly every kind of fabric pen and dyes available. I was repeatedly frustrated with the quality of the outcomes, when I remembered that I’d used bleach to stencil onto fabric back in college. After ditching the stencils for a paintbrush, I realised I could control it quite nicely in freehand. The results were permanent and didn’t fade in the washing machine like fabric pens did so I started bleach painting full time. It’s a challenging medium but I love it!

While travelling in South East Asia, we set out to find makers and creatives that we wanted to work with and soon had lots of gorgeous handmade items to add to our collection. We believe in fair trade and sustainability so work directly with makers to uphold our values. Firmly believing in friendly and fabulous customer service we will always talk to you like the wonderful human beings you are.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us!


(Co-owner and Bleach Artist at Bare Canvas)